...to Postelsia Press, a small, independent publisher perched on Vancouver Island's west coast. Our energy and ideas come from this rain-drenched, wave-washed place at the end of the road.

Postelsia Press

...is committed to producing books and miscellany related to the west coast of Vancouver Island. We explore the natural and cultural history of this place in an engaging, artistic—and occasionally quirky—way.

Locally owned, we are committed to leaving a big splash on the page, but a small wave in our wake. As such, we use environmentally-friendly inks and papers and, for some projects, donate partial proceeds to local not-for-profit organizations.


What is Postelsia?

 photo_of_postelsiaPostelsia palmaeformis—the sea palm—grows only on wave-exposed shores from BC to California. It is a tenacious seaweed, clinging to the rocks in tumultuous seas. As such, we thought it was an apt metaphor for our venture.